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Stella Immobiliare / Rent House

Why prefer Short Rentals?

Unfortunately, with the advent of COVID, the number of eviction requests has skyrocketed. Therefore, the risk of delinquency is high, the time for possible evictions has become very long,in addition to lawyers to be paid. We prefer to avoid these types of contracts, in the case of willingness on the part of the owner we can still carry it out but begrudgingly, knowing the risks.

Long-Term Benefits

Continuous maintenance

Increase in sales valuation

Increased reputation

Owner's Login

With us from the beginning of the collaboration, a login is given to all owners, where all the dates when the property is rented are shown.

Electricity Reimbursement

Owners are reimbursed for electricity consumption, in addition to the profit from the initially agreed list, by taking meter readings at each check-in and check-out.


For seasonal contracts, the service involves making two down payments directly to the owner’s bank account, one in the middle of the term and the second at the end of the term. For annual contracts, payments are made every two months.

Tax Substitutes

The payments will be net of tax (usually if you are operating under dry coupon it is 21 percent or 10 percent in some areas), since as an agency you are required by law to operate as a tax withholding agent.

Single Certification

Around March of the following year, thep roprietor will receive the Single Certification to include in his or her tax return. Therefore, there will be no need to have an accountant because we will do everything.


Stella real estate operates only with tourist leases (less than 30 days).

The agency rate is 25% + vat. At the beginning of the collaboration the drafting of a price list will be carried out by comparing with the owner, in which it will be indicated that each week rented will correspond to a pre-agreed collection.

You won’t have to worry about that either, at every check-out our cleaners will tidy up the apartment. New sanitizing products, mattress covers and disposable pillowcases will be used for each client. We will take care of everything! The price of cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant who will use the apartment. The only cleaning to be paid for by the owner is the initial cleaning at the handover of the keys, on the first day dimanded.

From the moment the owner hands over the keys to us, he or she will not have to worry about anything, our maintenance, plumbing and electricians are ready to solve any possible problems. In case the apartment needs minor maintenance, such as the light bulb burning out, or the shower hose breaking, little things we will take care of. Owners are contacted only for major interventions, which may exceed the amount of accommodation agreed on the warrant, usually above €200.

If friends or family members of the owner want to use the apartment in a few weeks, we can block the requested period by simple notification. Everything online, no secrets

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