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How do we go about selling your property?

Stella Immobiliare / Sell House

Professional Brochure

We will deliver a brochure of your property to each interested and pre-qualified client.

Facebook ADS

Publicity strategy through social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others).

Mailing List

We will send an email only to Interested and pre-qualified customers in our database.

Office Showcase

We will create a billboard in our storefront.

Home Staging

We will prepare your property to the best of our ability to ensure a professional photo shoot.

Over 100 Portals

We will automatically post on all real estate portals, as well as on our website, for maximum visibility.

What are the Strengths?

Constant collaboration and sharing of the property portfolio with the entire territory network.

Collaboration with a substantial number of member real estate agents and selected professional facilities.

Innovative communication plan designed for each individual property.

Accurate qualification of Buyer Clients.

Experience and management skills in all aspects of negotiations.

Substantial commitment to and compliance with the “Code of Real Estate Ethics”

Set the right price right away.

The right price is crucial in the initial stage of selling an apartment. Too high a price can cause a significant loss of visibility, as buyers may be discouraged by the high price and decide not to consider the apartment in their search. In this way, you lose the opportunity to be seen by interested potential buyers, especially in the first few weeks when the property has the highest visibility. For this reason, it is important to make an accurate assessment of the price.

Lowering the price of a property at a stage after it is put up for sale can cause a loss of credibility, generate doubts about the quality of the property, make its promotion and sale more difficult, and cause a loss of interest on the part of potential buyers. In addition, it can cause the property to lose value in the eyes of real estate agents and potential buyers, and have a negative impact on the reputation of the owner and seller.

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Where is your property located?

Via G. Mameli, 40 – Jesolo (VE) – Italy
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