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Technicians, Architects, Associate Engineers

Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to assist you at every stage of your real estate project, from planning to implementation. We are here to translate your ideas into unique and functional living spaces, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to offer you technical advice tailored to your every need. Whether it is real estate appraisals, feasibility analysis, or consulting on renovation projects, we are here to help you make informed and strategic decisions. Do you dream of a home that reflects your unique lifestyle? Our architects will work with you to design spaces that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. From designing interiors to optimizing outdoor spaces, our goal is to create welcoming and functional environments that inspire you every day.

Professional Photos and Home Staging

We maximize the potential of your property through professional photography services and home staging. Our visual presentation strategies aim to capture buyers’ attention and maximize the aesthetic value of your home, ensuring a flawless presentation in the real estate market.

Legal and Tax Advice

Dealing with legal and tax issues can be complicated in real estate. Our team of specialized legal and tax advisors is available to provide guidance and assistance on issues such as contracts, tax regulations and other legal issues related to buying, selling or renting real estate.

Credit mediation

We have close relationships with financial institutions and credit intermediaries to offer you financing solutions tailored to your needs. Our credit brokerage service assists you in finding the best loan and financing options to make your real estate project a reality

Property Insurance

Protecting your property is a priority. We work with reputable insurance companies to provide you with customized property insurance solutions designed to protect your investment from unforeseen events and ensure your peace of mind

Construction Management

From conception to implementation, we take care of the complete management of your constructions. With close attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we ensure that each project is completed efficiently, on time and within agreed budgets.

After-Sales Technical Support

Our dedication to our clients does not end with the signing of the contract. We are here to offer you ongoing support even after your purchase, with after-sales technical support services to ensure that your living experience is always satisfactory

Real Estate Investments

Looking for profitable investment opportunities? With our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, we guide you in finding and acquiring properties that offer excellent growth and yield potential. Whether you are a buyer looking for your dream home, an investor looking for lucrative opportunities or a homeowner eager to maximize the value of their assets, the team at Stella Realty is here for you. Contact us today to begin your journey to extraordinary housing life.